Assignments & Deadlines

Reading Reflections

  • Post on our group forum by 9pm the night before each class
  • Respond to my prompt about the assigned reading
  • Include relevant quotes from the text
  • Write 100 words min.

Playlist (Group Project)

With your assigned groups, you will create a “literary playlist,” which you can think of like a soundtrack for a piece of literature. Each group will “read and analyze a work of literature and develop custom music playlists that portray the development of themes and/or characters over the course of the story.” You’ll choose from texts that represent the literary movements covered in Unit 1 of our course, and we’ll dedicate a portion of each class session during Unit 1 to working in groups for this project.

  • 5 songs
  • “Liner Notes” comprised of an introduction paragraph and a paragraph rationale for each song
    • 200 words min. each, 1,200 words min. total
  • Groups will work on their playlists in person on Tues. 2/21 (a CUNY Monday)
  • Completed project with liner notes due Fri. 2/24 (SUBMIT VIA BLACKBOARD)

Each group will focus on one of the following short stories:

Critical Lens Essay

A critical lens essay requires you to “read” (analyze) a text through the “lens” of a certain issue or theory.

  • 1,000 words min.
  • Due Mon. 5/1
  • See detailed prompt, instructions and rubric in the PDF below

Class Zine

In lieu of a traditional final project/paper, we’re going to create a zine as a class. Here’s how this will work:

Working Title:
Gen-Z(ine) @ Queens College: Life in the 21st Century

Themes + Topics to be covered:
mental health
gender, sex + sexuality, queer culture
intergenerational trauma
social media
hate speech, racism, + cultural/racial stereotypes
Covid-19 pandemic
gun control
indigenous rights + how to support them
objectification of women
#metoo + believing
commuting + campus
accessibility + resources
CUNY issues
media sensationalism
your political opinions/critiques!

Each student is responsible for filling two (2) standard 8×11 pages
Your two (2) pages can be distinct/unrelated or continuous
One (1) of your pages must be from the original text/writing list of options, meaning you cannot submit two (2) pages of visual art.

These are the types of work you can use to fill your two (2) pages. If you have an idea you don’t see reflected here, feel free to discuss it with me!

Visual Art:
*you may only fill one (1) page with artwork, though you are free to include doodles and drawn elements throughout any page(s) filled with written material*

you can of course write on/annotate your visual art page!
original drawing(s)
mini comic
collage/found material

Written Work:
*at least one (1) of your pages must be filled with one, or a combination of, these written options*

you can of course include doodles/visual art on your written page(s), but the primary focus should be your writing
DIY/informative how-to
personal essay/memoir
review of or more scholarly essay about relevant media/literature
annotated playlist

Grading Scheme:
Your contribution to the class zine is worth 15% of your final grade, or 15 points total.
10 points = 5 points per completed page x2
*both pages can be writing, but only one (1) may be filled with visual art and no writing*
3 points = 200-word rationale answering some of the questions below
*how do your pages relate to the theme(s) of our zine? why did you decide to use these particular writing or art styles? are your pages completely distinct, or are they continuous/need to be kept together? you can also provide general reflections on your contributions to the project.*
2 points = meeting Weds. 5/17 deadline (no extensions, no exceptions)