Resources & Policies

(All those terms & conditions usually found on your syllabus)

Campus Resources

The Queens College Writing Center

The Writing Center is an academic and intellectual support space where Queens College students work in collaboration with a writing consultant to improve their writing. I highly encourage students to take advantage of this wonderful, free campus resource. See the Writing Center website for more details:

The Queens College Library

Conducting your research directly through the QC Library’s website is a great way to avoid undesirable and unreliable sources you might find with a general internet search. There are also tons of other resources available through the library:

Mental Health Services @ QC

The opportunity to tend to your mental health is a basic human need. You are always deserving of support and care! Queens College offers counseling services, peer support services, specific support for marginalized students, and even physical health service. These are offered free of charge and they are completely confidential. You can learn more about these services here:  

Electronic Devices

If you lose access to or lack a device you need to participate in this class or any others, the Office of the Provost offers Chromebooks and iPads available for rent. You can learn more about this program and the process for requesting a device here:  


It is my goal to create a learning experience that is as accessible as possible. If you anticipate any issues related to the format, materials, or requirements of this course, please feel welcome to discuss your concerns with me.

Students with disabilities may also wish to work with the Office of Special Services to discuss a range of options to removing barriers in this course, including official accommodations. Please visit their website for contact and additional information: If you have already been approved for accommodations through the Office of Special Services, please meet with me so we can develop an implementation plan together.

Course & College Policies

Plagiarism & Academic Integrity

It’s uncomfortable, but we have to talk about it. Plagiarism is a serious issue, and I will not accept work that has been copied from other scholars, websites/blogs, peers or your own previous assignments without proper citational practices. My policy is to give a grade of zero for any plagiarized assignment, which can only be improved by rewriting and resubmitting your work. Here’s QC’s full academic integrity policy.

Late Work

I strongly encourage you to meet our course deadlines, as dragging out assignments can ultimately create more stress for you than is necessary. If you need an extension at any point, email me and we will set a new deadline so that you stay on track and avoid penalties. Whether graded according to a rubric or upon completion of requirements, a certain percentage of each assignment’s point value will be deducted for missed deadlines unless you communicate with me and request an extension.

Please note that reading reflections posted after the corresponding class meeting will not be accepted or awarded credit.


For your individual assignment(s), I will provide revision deadlines for you to resubmit edited versions based on my feedback. By resubmitting assignments, you are able to improve your grades! I strongly believe in progress, not perfection.

General Education Requirements @ QC

English 152 is a general education course that satisfies the Literature requirement (LIT) for the Queens College Core under the CUNY General Education structure called Pathways. This is also a general education course that may satisfy the Pathways Flexible Common Core requirement in the area of U.S. Experience in its Diversity (USED). Students cannot use a course to fulfill more than one General Education requirement at a time. For more information on Queens College’s General Education requirements and guidelines, please refer to: